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Spark Minda launched 17 helmet models with 145 variants in India

Written by Nayak

Minda Corporation Limited, the parent company of Spark Minda Group, has announced the launch of new helmets. The company mentioned launching 17 helmet models with 145 variants in the Indian retail market. This move marks Spark Minda’s foray into the B2C space in India, where the demand for helmets is also increasing. With the population getting more and more road conscious, the demand is quite high. Furthermore, the new laws under the Motor Vehicle Act also attract heavy penalties for any violation of traffic rules. Thus, this has also created a positive effect, as more riders are now wearing helmets.

Spark Minda’s Plans For The Indian Market

The company also plans to add 200+ distributors and open exclusive Spark Minda branded outlets in the coming years. A wide dealership network in the country is very crucial to attracting more customers, which will help the brand grow at a much faster pace. Spark also confirmed that The Protective Head Gear will be available across three customer segments. These include Economy (Knight series), Mid (Garrison series) and the Premium (Armoured series) category. Minda has also announced the launch of 1500 fibre parts (Plastic-moulded, painted components for two-wheelers). The target is to increase this number to 2400 in the next 2 years. After this, Spark would boast its largest range of fibre parts available in the country.

Types Of Helmets

Knight Series

This is for the bikers looking for an open-face helmet. With its stylised and lightweight characteristics, this series promises superior safety, comfort, and quality.

Garrison Series

This series is for the rider who spends a lot of time on their motorcycles. Using edge technologies enhances riding comfort, optimises ventilation and also improves aerodynamics.

Armoured Series

This range is the most premium offering. The overall innovation, sensation and design come together to ensure utmost safety. The equipped Quick release chin-straps, hypoallergenic liners, and attractive designs and decal options also make this series quite attractive.

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