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Sony Launches Mobile ES Car Speakers and Subwoofers

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Written by Nayak

Sony announces the launch of a car audio brand lineup named the ‘Mobile ES’ series. The company claims that this premium system gets all the latest electronic equipment and refinements. Sony Mobile ES product lineup consisting of three speakers and one Subwoofer offers unmatched audio and video experience. Sony claims that the audio output from this new system will enhance the whole in-car entertainment experience. The product lineup consists of XS-162ES, XS-W104ES, XS-160ES and XS-690ES.

The Key Main Features Of The Speakers

Sony mentions that these speakers use MRC Aramid Fiber Matrix Woofer. The diaphragm of the speaker uses Mica Reinforced Cellular material. This material is specifically known for its high rigidity and low resonant distortion. The company also claims that this third-generation product is using optimized mechanical drivers.

This helps to deliver a broader frequency response, smoother and more natural sound characteristics. Another highlighting feature of this product is the Separated Notch Edge Surround. This helps add distinctive curved notches, thus improving the vertical amplitude symmetry and output clarity. An equipped Soft Dome Tweeter coupled with the voice coil covers the music’s ultra-high ends, with frequency ranging up to 40kHz.

The speakers get a Five-beam Frame design which disperses resonance; meanwhile, the integrated Dynamic Air Diffuser ensures the proper air circulation. This improves the cooling of the voice coil. The speakers also get a progressive height rate spider which is designed to handle higher power and airflow. The Phase Plug and Bi-amp Terminals with Gain Selector in Crossover Network are only available with the XS-162ES model. These features help to realize ideal and frequency response along with mitigating the current distortion of the tweeter.

Key Features Of the Subwoofer

The core of the diaphragm made from foam-like material with a honeycomb-shaped fibre base gives a very robust build to the Subwoofer. The MRC (Mica Reinforced Cellular) Honeycomb specially designed for the subwoofers also gives the best-in-class sound experience. This gives a very flexural rigidity, thus allowing a very precise and powerful bass. Features like Separated Notch Edge Surround, Five-beam Frame Structure with Dynamic Air Diffuser and Progressive Height Rater Spider are also present in the Subwoofer.

Price And Availability

Sony mentioned that all the above speakers would be available at select premium car dealers starting from 1st June 2021. The price range starts from INR 16,990 for the XS-160 ES models and goes all the way to INR 24,990 for the XS-690 ES model. The complete Price list is given below.

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