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Smartron launches tbike flex electric cargo bike in India

Written by Nayak

Smartron India has announced the launch of ‘tbike flex’. It is an electric cargo bike which can be used by all the delivery and logistic partners in India. This electric cargo bike is targeted towards large fleet operators as these bikes come with a built-in fleet management system.

The tBike flex is powered by ‘tronX’, which comes with a lot of smart features such as, rider management, real-time monitoring, cloud smart lock, GPS tracker, OTA updates and more.  These bikes can be a cheaper alternative to traditional motorcycles and scooters as they are electric-powered and also do not cause any pollution. Another advantage of this bike is that there is no need for RTO registration and also the rider need not have a driving license which would make it more accessible to the delivery staff. The batteries have been given overcharging protection so that the batteries do not heat up and get damaged.

The tbike flex has the ability to carry over 40 kgs of load and the custom-made accessories make it easier to carry a different kind of goods. The top speed of flex is limited to 25 kmph and the range per single charge is rated at 75-120 km as per the driving style and weight. The batteries can be charged to their full capacity under 4 hours. Smartron has given the option to carry charged batteries and swap them when needed which can further increase the range of the electric bike. The tbike flex is equipped with a smart IoT lock which can only be unlocked by the customers, using the internet. The unique unisex design will appeal to both men and women with a lot of different colour options to choose from.

The price for the Smartron tbike flex starts from INR 40,000 and the company claims that the batteries will have a life span of 1,50,000 km. The real-time tracking and status make this bike a convenient option for the logistics company and the ergonomic design makes it easier to filter through the traffic. Smartron says that this electric cargo bike will have a cost of ownership of just 15 paise per kilometre and thus making it a very efficient alternative to carrying out the delivery tasks.