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Skoda’s new MQB A0 37 platform for India – Details

Written by Nizam Shaikh

Skoda is spearheading the India 2.5 Project for the Volkswagen Group which will not only bring new cars to India, but also allow the country to export Made in India vehicles. The VW Group utilises the MQB (Modular Transverse Toolkit) platform being one of the most successful technology platforms in the company.

The brand also sells a number of cars based on the MQB A0 IN platform which is India specific. Internally known as the MQB A0 27. The Kushaq, Taigun, Slavia and Virtus use the MQB A0 27 platform in India. Now, the brand is planning to bring an upgraded platform MQB A0 37.

What’s New in MQB A0 37?

The MQB Ao IN or the MQB A0 27 has limitation in size especially its width. The platform conforms with ICE engines but does not adapt well with electric and hybrid powertrains, suggest reports. The new MQB A0 37 platform is expected to accommodate multiple powertrain options including battery electric and petrol-hybrid engines. The new platform is also likely to allow various body sizes of vehicles including larger vehicles.

In addition to this, reports suggest that using the MQB A0 37 architecture Skoda will export Made in India vehicles. The brand is also likely to offer the MQB A0 27 and the MQB A0 37 platforms along with the MEB platform dedicated to electric vehicles. Three different architectures will also allow the brand to strengthen its vehicle portfolio and cater its vehicles to a wider audience.

Made in India for the World

The new MQB A0 37 platform will be ready with the India 2.5 Project. The vehicles developed under the Project are likely to be sold not only in India but also in the Latin American markets. The new platform will also allow the company to export larger vehicles with advanced electrical and electronics. Using the MEB platform the brand is also likely to bring a new EV by 2026, under the Volkswagen brand.

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