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Skoda reveals interior sketch of VISION 7S Concept Car

Written by Rohit Tonapi

At its Annual Press Conference 2022 in March, Skoda announced that it will introduce a new design language for its upcoming cars. Though the brand did not delve too much into its details, it did show us a teaser image of the first product to use the new design language. The all-electric VISION 7S concept car will be a large SUV with a seating capacity for up to seven people. Now, after showing us a look at the exteriors of the all-electric SUV, Skoda has revealed the first interior sketch of the VISION 7S concept car.

Skoda VISION 7S Concept Car – Interior Sketch Revealed

Skoda says the new VISION 7S interior will use sustainable materials throughout the cabin. The interior will have a minimalist design and generous space. The interior of the concept car features a symmetrical wrap-around design and a wide, horizontal dashboard. The dashboard extends to the doors, further increasing the sense of space. The brand has positioned the hand rest such that it makes interacting with the touchscreen easy and convenient. 

The interior ambient lighting of the car will also double up as a charging status. Furthermore, it will provide lighting when getting in and out of the car. Across the cabin, there will be haptic feedback buttons, including on the steering wheel. The highlight of the interior is the integrated child seat in the centre console. According to Skoda, this is the safest place in a vehicle. The backrests of the front seats get multiple holders for multimedia devices. Furthermore, Skoda says they have also integrated backpacks into them.

The spacious interior will get two different configurations – driving and relaxing. In the driving configuration, all the controls are in the ideal positions. The central touchscreen also stays vertical to display all relevant information. While charging or stopping for rest, users can activate the relax mode. In this mode, the steering wheel and instrument cluster slide forward. In addition, the first and second row of seats also moves back. Thus, offering occupants maximum comfort and space. 

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