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Skoda planning to launch Elroq electric SUV in India?

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Skoda India is actively evaluating the possibility of introducing the Elroq electric SUV in the Indian market. This move comes alongside the company’s confirmed launch of the Enyaq iV, another electric vehicle (EV) set to debut in India. Let’s delve into the details:

The Skoda Elroq has been testing in the European markets and will make its debut next year. As of now, Skoda is only evaluating the possibility of bringing in here and the launch timeline is not confirmed. However, the Enyaq iV which is already confirmed for India is going to be assembled locally to keep costs low. The Elroq too can be assembled in the same premises, further increasing savings for Skoda India. Here are some key details of the Elroq EV.

Elroq: The Upcoming Electric SUV

  1. Platform and Design:
    • The Skoda Elroq shares its platform with the Enyaq iV. Both EVs are based on the Modular Electric Drive Kit (MEB) platform.
    • The Elroq features Skoda’s new Modern Solid design language and measures approximately 4.2 meters in length, making it slightly smaller than the Enyaq iV.
  2. Battery Options and Drivetrain:
    • Once launched, the Elroq will offer three battery options: 55 kWh, 63 kWh, and 82 kWh.
    • Customers can choose between single-motor and dual-motor configurations for varying performance levels.
  3. Local Assembly and Feasibility:
    • Skoda is keen on assembling both the Enyaq iV and Elroq locally in India.
    • A feasibility study is currently underway to assess the viability of local production. Depending on the study’s outcome, Skoda may begin local assembly of these SUVs by the last quarter of 2025.
    • The company is also exploring the possibility of manufacturing EVs in line with the Indian government’s EV policy, which encourages investment and local manufacturing.
  4. Global Unveil and Sales Timeline:
    • The Skoda Elroq is scheduled for a global unveil later this year.
    • European sales are expected to commence in early 2025.

All in all, given the size of the Elroq, it could prove to be a successful product in India given the cost match that of the competition. It is highly feasible to assemble both the Enyaq and the Elroq since they share the same platform. What remains to be seen is how Skoda will interpret the market studies and price the product.

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