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Skoda Octavia & Superb would get all-electric siblings

Written by Akhil Dalvi

Czech automaker Skoda has announced that it will launch all-electric sedans and wagons alongside the Octavia and Superb in India. Skoda has been preparing and planning a long list of EVs for its global lineup to replace its ICE counterparts. On a worldwide scale, Skoda’s Octavia remains the brand’s best-selling model despite the rise in popularity of SUVs.

According to sources, Skoda plans to develop and produce an electric equivalent of the Superb as its successor. During the first 9 months of 2021, Skoda managed to sell 1,59,400 Octavia’s, which outsold its 3 SUVs. Meanwhile, Skoda sold 9,100 Kamiqs, 96,600 Karoqs, and 82,600 Kodiaq SUVs globally during the same time period.

The journey towards an all-electric future 

Currently, SUVs account for a huge portion of Skoda’s global sales, and its first 3 bespoke EVs will be SUVs. Succeeding Skoda’s current electric SUV, the Enyaq iV will be a small, entry-level crossover that is due for around 2025. The automaker states that the upcoming, compact, urban-oriented EV will act as a sibling to VW’s upcoming ID.2.

However, Skoda has stated that it plans to cater to customers by retaining cars with preferred shapes and body styles. Therefore, the automaker plans to continue with the Octavia and Superb sedans despite the growing popularity of SUVs. Skoda has admitted that their sedans will undergo the EV treatment as part of their future EV plans.

On the other hand, the electric counterpart of the Octavia won’t share the same nameplate but will serve a similar purpose. Skoda also plans to follow the same marketing strategy as its parent company Volkswagen to create bespoke EVs. Based on the Passat, the Czech automaker may also offer its own version of VW’s upcoming ‘Aero-B’ electric sedan.

Plans for India 

Skoda has stated that it plans to introduce its all-electric SUV, the Enyaq iV, in the Indian market by 2022. The automaker may introduce the electric SUV via the CKD route with a price tag of INR 35 lakh-40 lakh. Recently, Skoda also announced the 2022 facelift of the Karoq SUV for the European market with new features and technology. 

In India, Skoda released its sales report for November 2021, in which it sold a total of 2,196 units. Skoda India has managed to register a 108% increase in growth as compared to November 2020. Skoda India is currently using its ‘India 2.0’ initiative to expand towards newer regions across India.

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