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Simple One pre-booking starts on 15th August at INR 1947

Written by Nayak

One of India’s newest EV makers, Simple Energy, announces the pre-booking for its flagship electric scooter. This Bengaluru based EV maker’s Simple One electric scooter will be open for pre-booking on the 15th of August at INR 1,947. This amount will reflect the year of India’s Independence. The pre-booking will start at 5 PM via the company’s official website. This booking amount is refundable and open to pan India. The company mentioned that the pre-orders will get the benefit of priority delivery once the production starts.

Simple Energy Discloses Information On Its Portable Battery Pack

One of the key advantages of this scooter is its portable battery pack. Simple Energy mentioned that their battery pack weighs just over 6 kgs. This will help the customers to carry this pack to their home and charge it. The battery is a 4.8 kWh lithium-ion unit that claims to deliver close to 240 km in eco mode.

The key point to note here is that the other competitors in the market are offering much less battery capacity. For instance, Ather 450X has a battery capacity of 2.61 kWh. Meanwhile, TVS’s iQube has a 2.25 kWh battery pack. This is also one of the reasons why Simple Energy is claiming such a high riding range. The scooter’s top speed is limited to 100 kmph with a 0 to 50 kmph timing of 3.6 seconds. Riding this scooter in the city and urban commutes won’t be any problem. The scooter also gets a host of features. This includes a touch screen, Bluetooth connectivity, onboard navigation and more.

Price and Availability

Simple Energy has mentioned that the scooter will have a sticker price ranging from INR 1,10,000 lakh to INR 1,20,000 lakh. In the initial phase, Simple One will be launched across 13 states in India. To increase the production and expand its reach to newer areas, Simple Energy is setting up its manufacturing plant in Hosur, Tamil Nadu.

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