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Simple One electric scooter will offer 2.5 km range in 1 minute charge

Written by Nizam Shaikh

Electric mobility brand Simple Energy has revealed its Simple Loop fast-charging system ahead of the launch. The Bangalore-based EV company plans to launch the electric scooter on 15th August 2021. The company announced that soon after the launch, the brand would deploy the Simple Loop charging infrastructure.

Accelerating Electric Vehicle Adoption Via Simple Loop

Recently, a lot of electric vehicles brand’s have come up in the Indian market. While there is a wide range of products to choose from, only a few are building charging infrastructure. Having a robust charging infrastructure in the country is the only way forward into electric mobility. Simple Energy realises the need for charging stations and thus announced the Simple Loop. Widespread charging infrastructure will also help reduce the range anxiety of the customer and accelerate electric vehicle adoption in India.

‘Simple Loop’ Fast Charging Stations

The brand has announced that Simple Energy will deploy the Simple Loop fast-charging stations pan India. In the coming months, 300+ charging stations will be ready to charge Simple One electric scooters. The charging stations will be convenient not just for Simple One but also for all other electric scooters. Furthermore, the company is partnering with restaurants and shopping complexes to make it suitable for the user. Simple Energy revealed that the scooter could charge up to 2.5 km in just 60 seconds.

Simple One – More Details Revealed

The brand revealed that the Simple One electric scooter would come with a 30-litre boot space ahead of its debut. The boot space claims to be the largest segment, offering ample space to carry everyday oddities. The scooter also claims to provide a range of 240 km on a single charge in Eco Mode. Simple Energy also revealed that the scooter could accelerate from 0-50 kmph in just 3.6 seconds and reach a top speed of 100 kmph. Prebookings on the Simple One electric scooter will open on 15th August. Expect the scooter to launch with a sticker price between INR 1.10 lakh to INR 1.20 lakh ex-showroom.

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