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Shema Electric launches two new electric 2-wheelers at EV India Expo 2021

Written by Akhil Dalvi

One of India’s emerging EV startups, Shema Electric, has launched two new electric two-wheelers at the EV India Expo 2021. Based out of Odisha, Shema Electric witnessed a massive crowd of interested visitors unveiling their two e-scooters. The EV manufacturer’s high-speed e-scooter is the SES TUFF, and the low-speed e-scooter is the SES HOBBY.

During the Expo, Shema Electric showcased 4 low-speed e-scooters – SES ZOOM, SES BOLD, SES EAGLE, and SES TUFF. Shema Electric currently produces 6 e-scooters in total, of which 5 are low speed, and 1 is high speed. Overall, Shema Electric’s e-scooters achieved great applause from the attendees due to their cutting-edge technology and classy design.

Shema Electric: SES TUFF & SES HOBBY Details

The brand’s SES TUFF high-speed e-scooter will solely focus on the B2B segment and multi-utility purposes. Powered by a dual 60V, 30 Ah Lithium detachable battery, the SES TUFF offers 150 Km of riding range. The e-scooter also sports 150 Kg of loading capacity and a top speed of 60 kph. Meanwhile, the SES HOBBY low-speed e-scooter is another 100% made-in-India product by Shema Electric for daily commuters.

Powering the SES HOBBY is a 60V, 30 Ah detachable battery, which takes 4 hours to charge from 0-100%. The SES HOBBY attracted a huge crowd of attendees at the EV Expo, thanks to its high-end technology and style. The SES HOBBY offers a riding range of 100 Km and a top speed of 25 kph. The new e-scooters from Shema Electric will act as another stepping stone for EV growth across the country.

Current Network and Future PlansĀ 

Currently, Shema Electric has a total of 75 dealers in its network across 13 different states in India. The company has stated that it plans to fulfil customer expectations and requirements along with focussing on innovating its products. Shema Electric aims to advance its products via expansion as it plans to launch 2 or 3 new high-speed e-scooters. By the end of the financial year 2021, the company aims to set up 100+ dealers in India. Shema Electric aims to expand towards Rajasthan, Punjab, Haryana, Kerala, Karnataka, and Gujarat in the next 6 months.

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