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SCOOP! Datsun not keen to add automatic gearbox

SCOOP! Datsun not keen to add automatic gearbox
Written by Parichay Malvankar

Speaking to Mr. Guillaume Sicard, President of Nissan India Operations, we have learned that Datsun is not looking at introducing an AMT or a conventional automatic transmission on the Go hatchback or the Go+ MPV at the moment.

Datsun is rumoured to be working on a conventional automatic transmission for the Indonesian market on the Go hatchback. But when we asked if this would make it to India, the answer was a straight ‘NO’. The problem is, the Go hatchback hasn’t seen the sales numbers as the brand would have expected, hence, adding the automatic transmission would result in negligible numbers to do justice to the cost of investment on the project.

Datsun is now keen on marketing the products better than it has earlier, and wants to reach out to a wider audience. They will continue with the Go as is, and expect the new TV commercial to convince customers about other options apart from the obvious A segment choice from the Maruti stable.