Samsung to make self driving vehicles soon

Samsung to make self driving vehicles soon
Written by Tejen Dhankhar

The South Korean electronic king, Samsung, has announced their ‘soon’ entry to the self driving vehicle technology, satellite & entertainment systems competing with other manufacturers such as Google, Apple & LG. Samsung announced that it will be launching a team of researchers to develop these systems and supply in the market.

Also, earlier this weak, the German trio manufacturers Audi, Mercedes & BMW took over the Nokia’s mapping division ‘HERE’ to develop location services for their future self driven vehicles. Known widely, Google had been jointly testing their self driven car with Apple since a decade and is very soon to enter the era of such vehicles. With this announcement Samsung has turned another rival for manufacturers competing in the autonomous driving technology development.

Analysts highlight that global electronics makers are engaged in a fierce competition to supply the growing automobile industry that plans to have autonomous (driver less) vehicles loaded with electronic sensors and displays on the market within five years. Also known that, in October 2015, LG announced their supply of key electronic equipment to General Motors for their under development new electric vehicles due to be mass produced in late 2016.

Although, Samsung, has not cleared the time frame or technology they would be using but this news has surely stirred up the futuristic technology market that is still under development for people.