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SainikPod Sit & Go service in launched Bengaluru on Republic Day 2021

Written by Nayak

MotherPod Innovations Private Limited has announced a new mobility solution named ‘SainikPod Sit & Go’ which is managed by ex-servicemen and Electrodrive Powertrain Solutions Private Limited (Electra EV). This launch took place on the occasion of 72nd Republic Day in the city of Bengaluru.

This will be India’s first all-electric last-mile commuting solution which won’t use any mobile application for the bookings. The company claims that this app-free mobility solution is the real USP as the current mobility solutions which use an app have a lot of issues like unavailability of cabs, drivers cancelling the ride at the last moment and likewise. The SainikPod Sit & Go as the name suggests is a mobility solution where the customer has to flag down an available car on the road which can be recognised by a green rooftop indicator and then the customer has to book the ride by making a missed call to a number which will be provided inside the vehicle. This is a much easier process of booking cabs which will suit the less tech-savvy and traditional old age population.

To safeguard its passengers the company has equipped the vehicle with safety features like; a panic button, a speed limiter which will enable a comfortable ride, an acrylic partition between the driver and passenger, a vehicle tracker which will be monitored by MotherPod’s Central Control Room and more. Another main key differentiator, when compared with the other taxi services providers, is that MotherPod will only use electric vehicles with zero-carbon emissions which will help reduce the carbon footprint.

The pandemic is still very much present and thus to curb the spread of the virus, MotherPod has mentioned that all the COVID-19 guidelines by advised by the Government of India will be followed and in addition to that the company has also undertaken strict measures like sanitising the passenger cabin after every ride, social-distance protocols and other COVID-19 related safety protocols will be taken into action. The company has also confirmed that it plans to set up its own charging station for its fleet and thus improve their customer service experience. In future, the company managed by the ex-servicemen plans to add this mobility solution to Mumbai, Hyderabad and Delhi.