Royal Enfield’s 2,700 kilometre adventure to Umling La, highest motorable pass in the world

Written by AnantaSaranNayak

Royal Enfield has opened the registration for an epic 18-day adventure tour. The tour will go to Umling La (19,024 ft), the new highest motorable pass in the world. The main aim is to spread the message of zero ‘single-use-plastic’ and other related responsible travel practices. Named Himalayan Odyssey, the dates for this event starts on 2nd July and end on 18th July 2022. This is the perfect place for Royal Enfield fans all across India to experience breathtaking views while riding their favourite Royal Enfield.

The tour also keeps in mind the fragile ecosystem of the Himalayas and will spread sustainability awareness. Started back in 2019, Royal Enfield’s #LeaveEveryPlaceBetter campaign aims to reduce plastic waste across tourist locations. And this event is a torchbearer for this initiative. The event will discourage participants from using bottled water and facilitating purified water by employing dispensers along the way.

Schedule Of Adventure Tour

The event will start from Delhi, on 30th June. The tour will have two routes that will take different paths from Delhi, converge at Leh, and then follow the same route until Umling La. Both the routes will have adverse weather conditions in terms of weather and terrain, thus ensuring maximum fun and adventure. Customers can register for the event by visiting Royal Enfield India’s official website.

Royal Enfield’s Initiative For Plastic Reduction

Single-use plastics have been the major contributor to pollution in and around the tourist places in India. And the same for this given route as well. Hence, Royal Enfield, in an attempt to decrease plastic waste, has set up community water purifiers along this route. A total of six purifiers have come up in the strategic locations in the popular Manali Leh route- Keylong Service Centre, Sarchu Camps, Leh Service Centre, Nubra Swiss Camps, Pangong Camps and Swiss camps in Debring. Furthermore, the provision for three additional water purifiers is in progress that will be used by Himalayan Odyssey participants. The availability of filtered water will negate the need to purchase single-use plastic water bottles, thus reducing plastic waste.

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