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Royal Enfield with Helmets For India wish to raise road safety awareness

Written by Akhil Dalvi

Renowned British motorcycle brand Royal Enfield has announced its partnership with a non-profit, creative initiative called Helmets For India. With this partnership, Royal Enfield aims to bring awareness about wearing helmets and improve road safety for riders in India. The partnership will also enable the brand to spread its ecosystem consisting of a unified community and an expansive retail network. Helmet for India’s collaboration with Royal Enfield will allow it to mobilize influential voices and inspire action towards the cause.

What is the “Helmets For India” initiative? 

German film-maker and former world champion mountain bike racer, Niels-Peter Jensen, started the Helmets For India initiative in 2018. He started the initiative after witnessing a road mishap that involved a young two-wheeler rider which compelled him to take charge. Upon starting the Helmets For India initiative, Niels-Peter Jensen came up with the “Safe ride for everyone, everywhere!” motto. This has allowed him to influence change and unite the global motorcycling community in order to raise awareness about helmets.

Over the years, the Helmets of India initiative has carried out numerous awareness drives and events that involve Indian riders. It also kickstarted a global collaboration with more than 20 renowned artists to create customized helmets for uniting the community. Some of these artists include Dean Stockton, aka D*Face, Magnus Walker, Steve Caballero, Roadkill, or Rasmus Tikkanen. The non-profit organization also conducted an awareness ride with workshops from Mumbai to Goa, during which they distributed 300 helmets.

Partnering with Royal Enfield

To celebrate the partnership, Helmets for India and Royal Enfield plan to arrange a unique global artist’s collective initiative. This involves world-renowned artists creating unique and evocative expressions on helmets which will undergo an auction to raise funds for awareness. Some of the famous artists who participated in the event include Jet Bailey, Ron Miller, Sankskar Sawant, and Francesco Colombo.

Royal Enfield will then unveil these designs across its social media channels and the Helmets for India website. The two companies will also conduct a prestigious exhibition and auction, which will showcase helmets designs from 2021 and 2022. The companies will then proceed to donate the collected proceeds from the auction to an Indian NGO for rehabilitated children.

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