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Royal Enfield recalls 26,300 Classic 350 motorcycles for rear brake problem

Written by Nizam Shaikh

Royal Enfield recalls 26,300 Classic 350 motorcycles in the Indian market. The brand has announced a voluntary recall for the safety of its customers and other road users. According to Royal Enfield, the Classic 350 single-channel ABS with rear drum brake model may have a potential defect in the rear brakes.

Affected Royal Enfield Models

The brand reveals that the company has isolated the problem to specific units. Units manufactured between September 1, 2021, and December 5, 2021. Royal Enfield also told that the defect is only with the single-channel ABS, rear drum brake Classic 350 models. According to the company, no other model is affected by this recall. While Royal Enfield employs rigorous testing and development protocols that adhere to global validation standards of quality and durability, but issues as such can arise under specific, extreme riding conditions.

The Problem

Royal Enfield’s technical team has discovered that one of the parts – “Brake Reaction Bracket”, attached to the motorcycle swing arm may have a potential defect. The part is used explicitly on the 2021 single-channel ABS and rear drum brake Classic 350 motorcycles. According to the brand, the brake reaction bracket may get damaged under specific riding conditions. This happens when an exceptionally higher braking load is applied on the rear brake pedal. Furthermore, this could lead to unusual braking noise and potential deterioration of braking efficiency in extreme conditions.

The Solution

Royal Enfield has announced that the deterioration of the braking efficiency is a significant safety concern. Therefore, the brand will proactively call in close to 26,300 units of the model as a precautionary measure. The bike in question is the single-channel ABS and rear-drum-brake enabled Classic 350. Royal Enfield will reinforce the brake reaction bracket of the swing arm for all units, as a remedy.

Recall Timeline

The brand revealed that the Royal Enfield service teams and/or local dealerships will reach out to consumers in due time. The brand will communicate with customers whose Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) falls within the aforementioned manufacturing period. Also, customers can visit the Royal Enfield website, reach out to their local Royal Enfield Workshops, or call Royal Enfield on 1800 210 007 to verify.

It is important to note that no damage, crash, injury or death has been reported pertaining to this recall. 

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