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Royal Enfield launches Limited Edition Helmets celebrating it’s 120th anniversary

Written by Akhil Dalvi

To celebrate its 120th anniversary, Royal Enfield announced the concept of producing 12 exclusively designed, limited-edition helmets for sale. The inspiration for each design on the 12 helmets comes from posters and advertorials of the brand. Along with being hand-painted, the helmets will retell the brand’s 120-year legacy and enlighten customers with their history.

Royal Enfield Legacy

Acting as a symbol of resilience, purposeful longevity, and authenticity, Royal Enfield began operations at the Redditch factory in 1901. With its 120 year legacy, the brand continues to build classic motorcycles for customers, allowing them to create memorable experiences. For the next six weeks, the brand will launch two helmet designs every Monday and Wednesday.

Limited Edition

The newly designed helmets will then be put up for sale on Saturdays and Sundays at noon. The helmet design will feature a unique number beginning from 001 to 120, along with its packaging that includes a postcard. These postcards containing the actual poster or advertorial artwork will showcase the inspiring story for the helmet design. Royal Enfield promises to offer its customers a combination of safety, comfort, high-quality and unique looks with their limited-edition helmets.

Safety Certifications and Price

Royal Enfield ensures that all limited-edition helmets come with triple-certification since the helmet is an essential safety accessory for all riders. Along with ISI, DOT, and ECE certifications, the helmets will feature premium internals, leather trims, and a sun visor. Prices for open-face helmets start at INR 6,950, and full-face helmets will start from INR 8,450. Interested consumers who wish to buy the helmets can register themselves on the brand’s official online website.

Royal Enfield: Apparel Highlights

The main aim of Royal Enfield’s Apparel division beginning in 2014 was to create an ecosystem involving pure motorcycling. The top 3 priorities for all apparel include protection, comfort, and style, with safety being the most paramount. Royal Enfield’s protective gear enhances the motorcycling experience for riders in cities or highways by combining safety, comfort, and technology. The brand’s urban gear focuses on the lifestyle aspect of the rider that provides safety functionally and stylishly. Royal Enfield additionally offers accessories that expand their portfolio in offering riders added convenience.

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