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Royal Enfield Hunter will be launched in Retro, Metro & Metro Rebel variants

Written by Rohit Tonapi

Less than a week ahead of the official unveiling, a new leak has surfaced that provides details about the upcoming Royal Enfield Hunter 350’s variants and colour options. Royal Enfield also released the first official teaser for its latest model recently. The Hunter 350 is the brand’s attempt to enter new segments. The official unveiling of the Hunter 350 will take place on 7th August 2022. 

We’ve already seen spy shots of the bike in a dealership stockyard. These spy shots suggested there will be multiple variants on offer. With the new leak that tells us about the variants, colour options and features, the only thing that remains to be seen is how competitively Royal Enfield is able to price the Hunter 350.

Royal Enfield Hunter 350 – Variants

Royal Enfield will offer the Hunter 350 in a total of three variants – Retro, Metro and Metro Rebel. There will be major differences between the Retro and Metro variants. Meanwhile, the top-end Metro Rebel variant will be based on the Metro variant but will get different colour options. 


The base Retro variant will have quite a lot of hardware and feature differences compared to the Metro variant. Starting with the wheels and brakes. The Retro variant will have a braking setup that consists of a 300 mm disc at the front and a 6-inch drum brake at the rear. It will also get wire-spoke wheels and smaller tyres. The front will use a 100/80-section tyre, and the rear will use a 120/80-section one, both with 17-inch wheels. The Retro will also get Single-Channel ABS.

The Retro variant will tip the scales at 177 kg. As for features, it will get a bulb tail lamp, oval turn signal indicators and instrument cluster borrowed from the Classic 350. Furthermore, it will not come with a main stand. 


On the other hand, the Hunter Metro will be much better equipped. Unlike the Retro, it will get 17-inch alloy wheels with a 110/70-section front and a 140/70-section rear tyre. The Metro will also get disc brakes at both ends. The front will measure 300mm, and the rear, 270mm. It will also get Dual-Channel ABS as standard.

The Metro will also be heavier by 4 kg and weigh 181 kg. Other differences include an LED taillight, round-shaped turn signal indicators and a Meteor-like instrument cluster. Both the variants will have 800 mm seat height, 150 mm ground clearance and 13-litre fuel tank capacity.

Royal Enfield Hunter 350 – Colour Options

The Hunter 350 will be available in a total of 8 colour options. The base Retro variant will be available in two single-tone colour options – Factory Black & Factory Silver.

Meanwhile, the Metro variant will be available in three colour options. These are – Dapper White, Dapper Ash and Dapper Grey. The Dapper Grey option will only be available via the Royal Enfield MIY app. 

The top-end variant, Metro Rebel, will also come in three colour options. These are – Rebel Black, Rebel Blue and Rebel Red. Like the Dapper Grey option of the Metro variant, the Rebel Red colour option of the Metro Rebel variant will only be available via the Royal Enfield MIY app.

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