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River Indie electric scooter deliveries delayed to March 2024?

Written by AnantaSaranNayak

The River Indie electric scooter made its debut in February of this year. Initially, the first deliveries were scheduled for August, but there have been delays. The delivery timeline is contingent on the pre-booking date, and it appears that certain customer deliveries have now been rescheduled for March 2024.

The River Indie boasts a unique and quirky appearance that might catch you off guard at first but quickly becomes endearing. Despite breaking away from traditional road aesthetics, its design is surprisingly easy to embrace. Practically every physical aspect of this electric scooter, from the headlamps to the footboard, seat, and tail lamp, is a differential and noticeably bigger in comparison to competitors. This includes the front fork, wheels, and tires, giving the Indie a commanding presence on the road.

Storage Space

The storage capacity of the River Indie goes beyond expectations. Under the seat, you can stow away a full-face helmet, a laptop bag housing two tablets, a book, an assortment of gadgets, a tangle of cables, a water bottle, and even a pair of full-sized gloves.

Weight Handling

The River Indie defies the common trade-off between utility and performance that often comes with increased weight. It features a purpose-built electric motor capable of handling a substantial Gross Vehicle Weight of 330 kg, a remarkable feat in the scooter category.

Riding Modes

River Indie’s performance is consistently satisfied in all three distinct ride modes: Eco, Ride, and Rush, each tailored for an 18-degree gradient. This means that even in Eco mode, you can comfortably ascend steep hills—an experience we put to the test. Essentially, it implies that you can load up the scooter with cargo and have a passenger without struggling in traffic.

Vehicle Dynamics

The River Indie’s braking system impressed with its Combi Braking System, featuring hydraulic triple-piston discs at the front and hydraulic single-piston discs at the rear. It instils confidence by engaging both the front and rear discs seamlessly.

Tech Specs and Features

The River Indie offers a standard 120 km range in ECO mode and takes around 5 hours to reach an 80 per cent battery charge (4 kWh Li-ion battery). In Rush mode, you can push it for roughly 70 km. Performance-wise, it boasts a top speed of 90 km/h and a quick acceleration of 0-40 km/h in just 3.9 seconds, driven by a peak power of 6.7 kW and a robust torque of 26 Nm. The Indie also features modern LED twin-beam headlights, a signature LED frosted-tube tail light, and LED indicators. It offers a 6-inch colour display for a sleek visual experience.

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