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Revolt teases electric ‘Cafe Racer’ motorcycle for India

Written by Parichay Malvankar

Revolt has already launched the RV 300 & RV 400 electric motorcycles in India with a unique ownership plan backed by monthly installments which also include service maintenance and warranty. At the launch of these two bikes, the brand also teased us with their next project. While the name or codename wasn’t revealed, the body style in the teaser image hints that Revolt will introduce an electric ‘Cafe Racer’ model for India.

The teaser image reveals a classic cafe racer rear design with pillion seat cowl, leather seat, sculpted fuel tank with knee recess, USD front forks, clip-on handle bars lowered for an engaging ride, red handlebar grips, LED headlamp in a round housing, LED tail lamp, round digital speedometer, forged levers, exposed battery + motor, machine finished alloy wheels, tank shrouds and exposed chassis components.

Currently, the Revolt RV 400 Premium is the most expensive electric motorcycle version from the brand priced at INR 3,999 for 37 months. The Cafe Racer motorcycle could be similarly priced, in an installment package. But it remains to be seen if the battery components and performance are changed.

The Revolt RV 400 in terms of competition rivals the Ather range of electric scooters, which are also phenomenal in the quality and performance department. The Revolt RV 400 comes with a 4G embedded sim card allowing for connected features, up to 156 km of riding range in eco mode, 175 Nm of instant torque and a top speed claim of 85 kmph. We’re assuming that apart from the cosmetic body work, Revolt will keep the new cafe racer identical in the cycle parts department for economies of scale.

Now, who will buy an electric cafe racer, that is unknown territory. Also, this week Harley-Davidson revealed their LiveWire electric motorcycle in India. This is a clear sign of what the industry considers as the future of mobility even on two-wheels. But are we ready to leave the fuel burning, high revving, sweet sounding, multi-cylinder motorcycles behind?