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Revolt EV motorcycles clock 2 Crore green kilometers in India

Written by Nayak

Revolt Intellicorp, India’s rising e-mobility companies, hits one early milestone in its journey. The company announces that its AI-enabled electric motorcycles currently running in India have accumulated more than two crore kilometres in total. To get a more insightful value of this figure, Revolt claims that this milestone number translates to the reduction of over 6.5 lakh KGs of CO2 emissions, and this is equivalent to planting 11,000 trees. Revolt India, backed by RattanIndia Enterprises, has also discussed the importance of e-mobility in terms of pollution control. And, this milestone further extends the brands stance to enable a greener tomorrow for the upcoming generations.

Revolt India Enabling E-Mobility With Latest Tech

Revolt Intellicorp first entered the market in 2019, intending to create a next-gen mobility solution. The company has the vision to enable India with 100 per cent accessibility with 0 per cent fuel residue. Revolt is also leveraging emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence to provide the customers with the latest product. Revolt is currently using 3.24kWh lithium-ion batteries, which have 0 per cent fuel residue. And, along with this, these batteries, coupled with Revolt engineering, enable their motorcycles to run at a top speed of 100 kmph. For the ones having second thoughts about charging, Revolt claims that with a single charge of 4 hours, the motorcycles can run up to 150 km.

Revolt’s India And Its Road Ahead

The main aim of the company is to build a robust e-mobility network in the country. In recent years, there has been a significant shift in mobility. More customers are now interested in buying an electric vehicle in India. The sharpening increase in the fuel prices and the rising Covid-19 cases, which has put great questions on public transport, is one of the key factors pushing customers towards opting for this greener alternative. Revolt currently operates in over 34 cities with two models on offer, RV400 and RV300. The company recently invested close to INR 150 crore to expand its distributor and service network in India.

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