Revolt announces VOLT – Vehicle OnLine Tracking for customers

Written by Nizam Shaikh

Revolt is launching a new feature that would allow its customers to track their order status. The new tracking system is known as the VOLT – Vehicle OnLine Tracking system.

What is VOLT?

VOLT will be available for customers who booked their Revolt motorcycle and are curious about which stage the bike is at present. Using the new VOLT system, the customer can track the status of their e-motorcycle at every step. In addition to this, customers can track the bike right from booking to production and also up to the delivery stages of their bikes. 

How Does VOLT work?

The brand has worked extensively in the artificial intelligence department and deeply invested in technology. The system is currently in use with the e-commerce sector and is one of a kind initiative to be used in the automotive world. The VOLT system will allow customers to achieve complete clarity of their order from the safety of their homes. Customers can log on to Revolt’s website and click on the Track Your Revolt button. By entering their Booking IDs or a Mobile Number, customer’s will be able to track their Revolt motorcycle at different stages of production. 

Revolt’s Online Sales

During the COVID era, Revolt established a firm online sales infrastructure. Now the brand reveals that it is time to upscale the online sales infrastructure. According to the brand, “customer experience is central to Revolt Motors”, and therefore the company plans to take new steps towards offering a 100% online contactless sales experience for all customers.

The improved online infrastructure will allow the brand to enable pan India sales in the shortest possible time. The brand also boasts that it will be setting new benchmarks in the industry and be future-ready for this pan India sales roll-out. But currently, the brand is all sold-out and booking for the Revolt motorcycles will open in the near future. 

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