Revealed: New Bumblebee Chevrolet Camaro

Dev Jaising
Written by Dev Jaising

The new Bumblebee Camaro is based on the 6th Generation Chevrolet Camaro. The car first made it’s appearance in the Transformers movie back in 2007. In the latest installment of the movie, Micheal Bay, showcased the custom 2016 Chevrolet Camaro as the fifth Bumblebee car in the franchise.

On June 5th, Michael Bay tweeted the first image of the fifth generation Bumblebee. The car was custom built by General Motors for the movie. The movie has resulted in a wider reach for the Camaro brand. So much so that General Motors made a special Bumblebee Edition Camaro for fans to live their Transformers dreams. The ‘autobots’, including Optimus Prime Truck and the Bumblebee Camaro from the last movie were auctioned by the Barrett-Jackson Company.

The latest car looks sleeker and way sharper than the older models. The signature yellow color and the LED lights steal the show for this one.

Can’t wait to see how this turns out!