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Renault plans to launch hybrid cars in India

Written by Kanad Kalasur

Renault is planning to launch strong-hybrid engines for its upcoming cars in India. Apart from these hybrid cars, the French carmaker is also launching a range of electric vehicles

Hybrid to compensate for lack of diesels?

According to Renault, the strong hybrid options will fill the void created by the lack of diesel engines. Renault had to discontinue diesels due to the updated and stringent emission norms. Further, the company plans to localise the production of these engines to make them more cost attractive. Strong hybrids will offer good power as well as fuel economy.

Renault might also consider plug-in hybrids. While currently there are almost no such offerings in the Indian market, Renault wants to explore the potential of such. The French carmaker thinks the plug-in option will offer the best of both worlds. That is pure EV when needed and conventional ICE when needed to cover long distances in one go. Furthermore, in terms of pricing, a plug-in EV might be lesser than a fully electric vehicle.

Renault’s commitment to India

Recently Renault announced a production milestone of 10,00,000 vehicles. The Renault plant outside Chennai has an annual capacity of 4,80,000 units.

Apart from the current models on sale, Renault-Nissan is also investing Rs 5,300 crore in India. This will be used towards the development of six new models. This is part of the move to make Renault into a long-term profitable venture in India. By 2030, the carmaker also plans to have a 2 million customer base in India.

At present, Renault India offers three passenger vehicles. These include the Kwid hatchback, Kiger SUV and the Triber MPV. Apart from local consumption, these models are also exported to other countries across SAARC, Asia Pacific, Indian Oceanic Region, South Africa and the East Africa region.

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