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Renault Austral Hybrid is road testing in India, launch unlikely

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In a surprising turn of events, the Renault Austral Hybrid has been spotted undergoing road tests in various parts of India, sparking curiosity and speculation of its launch in India. Despite the buzz, sources close to Renault India suggest that an official launch of the Austral Hybrid on Indian shores is not on the cards. Atleast not in the near future.

The Austral Hybrid, Renault’s ambitious crossover SUV.  The vehicle’s presence in India is intriguing, given that Renault has not hinted at any plans to expand its hybrid lineup in the country. However, it is possible that the Austral has been developed and manufactured in Renault India’s plant.


The Renault Austral seen in India is the Austral E-Tech, which has a 200 horsepower total system output and a 1.3L turbocharged petrol engine coupled to a 400V hybrid system and a 2 kWh battery. This powertrain, which the business may be testing with an Austral E test mule, might prove groundbreaking for the alliance in the premium segment.


Industry analysts speculate that the testing could be part of Renault’s global testing program, which often includes diverse climates and terrains like those found in India. This rigorous testing regime helps manufacturers fine-tune vehicle performance under various conditions.

While the sighting of the Austral Hybrid has certainly stirred discussions among potential buyers and hybrid vehicle aficionados, it appears that they may have to wait longer or look towards other markets to get their hands on this innovative SUV.

Renault India’s current focus seems to be on strengthening its existing portfolio and catering to the growing demand for budget-friendly vehicles, which aligns with the market’s price sensitivity.

As for the Renault Austral Hybrid, it remains an elusive dream for Indian consumers—at least for now. The company’s decision not to launch this model in India could be attributed to several factors, including market readiness for hybrid technology and cost implications.

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