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Registrations open for Indian Superbike League

Written by Nizam Shaikh

Indian Superbike League (ISBL) has announced that the registrations for the riders will be opening soon. ISBL will be a competitive event, approved by the FMSCI (Federation of Motor Sports Club of India). The events will lead to one winner through multiple classes.

What is ISBL?

Under the ISBL format there will be three rounds of racing. Race classes include Professionals, Amateurs, Rookies and Women riders. The competition will also encourage participants to take part from multiple teams spread across the country. In addition to this, ISBL has also revealed that races will occur on race circuits pan India as well as one international round.

Currently ISBL has not revealed much details about the upcoming events. But announced that they will be sending in more information soon. ISBL is also likely to hold a press conference which will enlighten us more about the motorsport initiative and the racing events. However, ISBL has offered a sneak peak through a fast-cut teaser video available to watch on YouTube.

Motorsports in India

The Indian audience is still developing its sentiments with motorsports, apart from hardcore enthusiasts of motorsports in India. Thanks to the evolving attitude the 2023 MotoGP Bharat was quite a success. In addition to this, CEAT also introduced the Indian Supercross Racing League to the country for the first time.

Furthermore, TVS Racing Factory Racer Harith Noah also became the first Indian to finish in the top 11 at the World’s Toughest Rally – the Dakar Rally 2024. Hero MotoSports Team Rally also became the the first ever Indian manufacturer team to finish on the podium of the Dakar Rally 2024.

This shows that India does not only have hidden talents in the field of motorsports, but also a lot of athletes have already started to win major titles.

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