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Radical ‘GMA T.50’ Supercar unveiled, weighs just 986 kg

Written by Nizam Shaikh

Gordon Murray Automotive (GMA) has unveiled the T.50 Supercar in a digital world premiere showcasing the supercar’s exteriors, interiors and revealing its technical specifications. The GMA T.50 Supercar is built on the legendary McLaren F1 and promises to deliver matchless performance and driving experience. 

The GMA T.50 is powered by a 3.9-litre V-12-Cylinder engine developed by Cosworth GMA that delivers 476 Nm of torque with 71% of torque availability from 2,500 RPMs. The naturally-aspirated V12 engine can rev up to 12,100 RPMs, making it the highest revving naturally-aspirated road car engine available and punches out 663 PS of power at full send. 

The Cosworth GMA V12 also claims to be the most-responsive naturally-aspirated engine ever with a pick-up of 28,400 revs per second and the most power-dense naturally-aspirated engine ever with a specific output of 166 PS/litre. The V12 also claims to be the lightest road-going engine and tips the scale at 178 kgs. The bespoke engine is matched to an Xtrac H-pattern six-speed manual transmission with five close ratios for acceleration and a sixth longer ratio for cruising. The gearbox weighs just 80.5kg and achieves the feat by having a casing engineered from aluminium, cast at just 2.4mm thickness. 

The GMA T.50 also boasts a light overall weight which is kept at just 986kg. The brand claims that a typical supercar weighs around 1,436 kgs and according to that the GMA T.50 weighs ⅓ less than an average supercar giving it the weight to power ratio advantage of 150.77kg per 100 PS. 

The T.50 enjoys its low weight thanks to a semi-structural engine and transmission forged aluminium suspension components, rack and pinion steering setup with low-speed power assistance, lightweight bearing carriers and hubs with one locking nut reducing un-sprung mass, carbon-ceramic discs and Brembo callipers.

The GMA T.50 is constructed using high-grade carbon fibre and comes with a carbon tub monocoque, carbon fibre body panels, 28% thinner glass glazing, Monocoque construction and F1-style ‘passenger safety cell’. All of the above not only helps save precious ounces but also provides torsional rigidity and stiffness. The total body including monocoque weighs less than 150kg.

The GMA T.50 also boasts an advanced aerodynamic package with the use of a unique 400mm ground-effect fan that combines with active underbody aerodynamics and two dynamic rear spoilers. The intelligent aero design translates to a clean design with no unsightly vents, ducts, or flaps. 

The unique fan setup is powered by a 48-volt electric motor that spins at up to 7,000 RPMs and the fan and its associated ducting can manage both the underside and over body airflow. The fan interacts with the active rear spoiler managing the downforce a drag at all speeds. 

Using the setup and two automatic and four driver-selectable aero modes the T.50 is capable of increasing downforce by 50%, reducing drag by 12.5%, adding around 50PS to the car’s output in combination with ram-air induction and cutting the braking distance by 10 meters from 150mph (241 kmph).

On the inside, the GMA T.50 offers a driver-centric jet-fighter style driving position that ensures optimal visibility, crafted foot pedals, an analogue rev counter and minimal controls, no column stalks or touchscreens, seating for three adults, Premium audio sound system with 10 speakers integrated with Android Auto & Apple CarPlay with Bluetooth phone connectivity, 288-litres of luggage space and dihedral doors to add drama as well as easy ingress and egress. 

Professor Gordon Murray CBE (Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire) will lead his team that will start building customer versions of the T.50 supercar in January 2022. The team will build just 100 examples of the T.50 supercar priced at GBP 2.36 million (before taxes) which roughly translates to INR 23.3 Crore a piece.

Professor Gordon Murray CBE

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