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Pure EV releases 1st Impact Report based on customer data

Written by Nayak

PURE EV, a Hyderabad-based leading Electric Vehicle Two-Wheeler (EV2W) company has recently published their first Impact Report. This report walks us through the true essence of EV adoption. Here it shows the huge impact electrification had on the economic life of a common man and the overall health and well-being of the community.

Pure EV – Key Highlights

PURE EV is one of the very few EV2W OEMs in India that has the R&D expertise and technology to manufacture batteries. The company is also one of the top born-electric EV2W OEMs when it comes to technology. This is pretty much evident with their 100+ IP filings. This has enabled the company to regularly innovate and build products that meet the latest regulatory standards. All in all to satisfy the requirements of the Indian commuters.

The company first launched its high-speed scooter, ePluto 7g in 2020. And ever since then, PURE EV has been launching a new product every year consistently. The recent launch of their electric commuter motorcycle, ecoDrift makes PURE EV the only EV2W Company in the country that has a wide product catalogue spanning electric scooters and motorcycles. The philosophy of PURE EV is not only restricted to sales numbers. The company believes that the true impact can only be measured with the maximum usage of the vehicle (kilometres driven) by the customers.

Increasing Demand For Pure EVs

With the growing customer base, we assume Pure has got it right with the perfect sales service network. This ensures the highest uptime for its vehicles. This also corroborates the fact that PURE EV produces value-for-money commute vehicles that are reliable. For the EV consumer, the mantra is that the higher the number of kilometres driven, the higher the savings. In total, PURE EV customers were able to save close to INR 180 Crores in running costs. This averages to about INR 30k per customer. This is a 91 per cent reduction in running costs compared to a traditional petrol vehicle.

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