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Proof of parking for new car registration

Proof of parking for new car registration
Written by Parichay Malvankar

If the new Road Transport & Safety bill 2014 is approved, things might get a little tricky. The bill mentions that it is mandatory for a customer to have an available parking spot before booking a new car.

For fresh application of vehicle registrations, one will need to provide a proof of parking space duly specified by the local government authority. This more currently provisional and hasn’t been approved yet. The car manufacturers however are not very happy with this move since the new car purchase could go down even more, and make recovery from the current sales slump even tougher.

It is yet to be discussed if this move will be applicable across India, or only in major cities where parking is an issue. The government however believes that this will make customers more responsible by having a valid parking space. This is also expected to reduce the number of cars parked on the streets blocking the roads for commuting.

Source – ET Auto