Preparing your car for winters: Do’s, Don’ts & Myths

Written by Tejen Dhankhar

Winters are here and the pleasant weather has started turning into cold chilly weather with temperatures ranging as low as 0 degree Celsius. And all this is also accompanied by fog. So, in such a messy situation most of us wonder and remain confused about our vehicles, from driving to maintaining them. So here are some do’s & don’ts with some common myths that would keep you and your vehicle safe in winters.


  • The first thing to do is keeping the vehicle regularly serviced. Servicing on time leads to good mechanical health of vehicle. Only get it serviced at authentic service stations. Get your brakes, headlights and heater serviced for winters.
  • Check yourself for any type of deficiencies in your vehicle. Check for any type of squeaks or leaks in tyres and suspensions. Malfunctioning of any electrical system or mechanical? Get it replaced immediately.
  • If your tyres are running out of tread, get them replaced. Less tread on cold surface means less traction and may be fatal.
  • Get the fog lights for front and rear serviced and if your vehicle doesn’t have those, then please get them installed for tackling foggy situations.
  • Also, get your wipers checked and if they need replacement, please get them changed.
  • Use antifreeze in the radiator coolant as recommended by manufacturer to ensure proper working of radiator.


  • When cold starting, never try to open throttle to warm up engine. Engine needs time to warm up and it can only be possible if you keep it calm for first few kilometers. Start the engine and let the fluids circulate inside for at least half a minute. For first few kilometers don’t stress out the engine and drive at low revs to let things warm up.
  • Don’t over speed in case of fog. Also stick to your lane and when you need to overtake just take time to make everything slow and steady. Zig Zagging lanes at high speeds might prove fatal.
  • Never stop your car at the side of road. Always find a proper place to park away from road. Also, use the parking lights and hazard lights in case of parking to ensure proper visibility in fog.


  • The most winter season oriented myth is about cold start. Cold starting an engine and then immediately revving it in order to warm it would only lead to deterioration of the piston rings and major mechanical failures. It directly decreases the engine life and may also lead to breakdowns. The only correct way is to cold start engine is to let the fluids regulate inside for about half a minute at idle revs. When driving, a low rev for first few kilometers is the best thing.
  • One other ‘ritual’ that people follow is switching on the hazard lights over highways while driving in fog. Hazard lights are meant to dictate the surpassing traffic about a roadside standing vehicle or to be used in emergency situations only.

Driving in winters is definitely a mesmerizing experience but only if done through a proper and safe way.

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