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Porsche Taycan updated with new colors, features and better RANGE

Written by Nizam Shaikh

During recent months, the Porsche Taycan has been a remarkably successful model in the brand’s portfolio. Porsche has delivered over 20,000 units of the electric vehicle in the first half of 2021 alone. The year-to-date sales of the Taycan are also slightly less than the total for 2020. Therefore the sales are at par with Porsche’s most popular model, the 911. Now, Porsche is upgrading the Taycan, which will come with more range, connectivity, and colours. The brand also announced the new model year changes would take effect from September 2021.

Improvements in the Electric Range

Porsche has revealed that the brand has made changes in the electric range of the Taycan. But since the brand did not homologate the changes, Porsche cannot reveal a WLTP value. However, the real-world range is now better than before. Porsche has employed extensive technological developments to achieve this. Including de-coupling and de-energising the front electric motor in Normal and Range modes and in partial load range in the all-wheel-drive models.

In addition to this, the updated model will not send drive to either axle when the car is coasting or at a standstill. The motors are switched on again when the driver demands. Porsche is also upgrading the thermal management and charging functions on the new Taycan. The Turbo Charging Planner can now heat the high-voltage battery to a slightly higher temperature than before. This allows the car to fast charge earlier and at a higher charge level. The brand also employs the waste heat from the electrical components to regulate the battery temperature.

Better Connectivity & Features

The Porsche Taycan now comes with the new Remote Park Assist option. With the new remote control parking features, the driver can manoeuvre the Taycan, driving into and out of parking spaces via a smartphone. The brand reveals that parallel and perpendicular parking spaces and garages can also use Automatic control. The parking process takes place via the Porsche Connect app.

The Taycan also comes with the sixth generation of Porsche Communication Management (PCM). This includes seamless integrations of Apple Music and Apple Podcasts. The brand has also integrated Android Auto along with Apple CarPlay support for iPhone. This means users can also operate android apps via PCM 6.0 or the Google Assistant voice commands. The brand has also upgraded the Voice Pilot (Voice Assistant), satellite navigation system and the layout and operating system. 

Colour Updates

Porsche is now offering the Taycan in several colour options from the factory. The brand has been the pioneer of colour options since the 90s and formed a cult amongst Porsche fans. These eye-catching colours are now making a comeback. Porsche will offer 17 standard paint options on the Taycan. In addition to this, the brand will also offer the car with Paint to Sample and Paint to Sample Plus. This allows the customer to choose from a range of 65 colours, including Moonlight Blue Metallic, Acid Green, Rubystar Red, Riviera Blue and Viola Metallic. 

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