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Porsche Taycan EV coming to India next month

Written by Akhil Dalvi

German automobile manufacturer Porsche has announced the launch of its all-electric sports car, Taycan, in India on November 12, 2021. Sold globally, the Taycan is Porsche’s first 4-door EV sports car that aims to revolutionize the brand and the segment.

2021 Porsche Taycan – Dimensions and Battery Pack Options

With the focus on providing top-notch performance thanks to impeccable German Engineering, Porsche offers the Taycan in 4 variants. This includes the standard Taycan, Taycan 4S, Taycan Turbo, and Taycan Turbo S, which is the most powerful variant. Measuring 4963 mm in length, 2144 mm in width, and 1378 mm in height, the Taycan rides on 21-inch alloy wheels. The standard Taycan comes with two battery pack options at 79.2 kWh and 93.4 kWh, respectively.

2021 Porsche Taycan – Performance

The 79.2 kWh battery pack produces 408 PS of power using launch control and 345 Nm of torque. The 93.4 kWh battery pack produces 476 PS of power using launch control and 357 Nm of torque. With the two electric motors placed on each axle, the EV offers a range of 431 Km and 484 Km, respectively. The standard Taycan achieves 0-100 kmph in 5.4 seconds using launch control with a top speed of 230 kmph.

The top-spec Turbo S variant of the Taycan features a 93.4 kWh battery that powers the two electric motors. The Taycan Turbo S produces 761 PS of power during launch control and 1050 Nm of torque. With the motors paired to a 2-speed transmission, the Taycan sports an overall drag coefficient of 0.22. The Taycan Turbo S showcases a 0-100 kph time of 2.8 seconds with a top speed of 260 kph. Taycan’s Turbo S variant also offers a WLTP tested range of 390-416 km on a single charge.

2021 Porsche Taycan – Features

Charging time for the top-spec Turbo S variant’s 93.4 kWh battery pack is 93 minutes for a 5-80% charge. This is possible via Porsche’s 50 kW DC charger, whereas using an AC charger, the battery pack takes 9 hours. Porsche offers the Taycan with LED automatic headlamps, four-point LED DRLs and a rear-illuminated light bar with LED brake light. Along with 12 metallic paint options, the Taycan Turbo S features a 10.9-inch touchscreen infotainment system. The infotainment system enables Android Auto and Apple CaPlay connectivity, with the interior highlight being the panoramic glass roof.

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