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Polarity to unveil 6 electric Personal Mobility Vehicles this month

Written by Parichay Malvankar

Among a plethora of electric vehicles to be launched here in India, Polarity is all set to debut 6 new electric smart bikes for our country. These new models are teases in the images here, and the brand claims that they will be one of their kind, road-legal, pedal assisted EVs in our country. Polarity claims that these models will be lightweight for easy use of operations daily.

The 6 electric models to be revealed soon will be categorised in two groups – Sport and Executive and have been named accordingly. S1k, S2K, S3K, E1K, E2K and E3K. Polarity states that the S2K & E3K are high end models for the sport and executive segments with a top speed capability of 100 kmph. All the models mentioned here will have a minimum riding range of 80 km and also have a pedal assistance feature in times when the battery juice runs out.

All Polarity electric models will be fit with Lithium-Ion batteries along with electric hub motors with capacity ranging between 1kW – 3kW. Polarity is also making it possible for these electric bikes to be able to be accommodated inside service elevators thanks to the compact design.

Apart from this, the coolest feature is that all models will get a mounting stand when these Polarity EVs can be used for exercise.

Pre-bookings are now open for the Polarity EVs on their website for a refundable amount of INR 1,001.