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PMI’s electric buses now in Goa

Written by Tanisha Arora

One of India’s electric bus manufacturers, PMI Electro Mobility has delivered electric buses in Goa. The goal towards clean and sustainable transportation was achieved by delivering 20 buses to Kadamba Transport Corporation Ltd. The state transport had ordered a total of 48 electric buses before July 2023, out of which 20 are ready for use. PMI is the only electric bus manufacturer to be present in India across 26 cities. It also abides by the testament of the Goa state governments goal to have a sustainable and affordable electric bus service.

What is PMI Electro Mobility?

PMI was incorporated in 2017 and has its production facility in Delhi-NCR. Its annual range of production hovers around 1,500 electric CV’s. It has a wide range of CV’s and is the only OEM in India to have 7-meter, 9-meter and 12-meter electric buses for use. PMI serves to over 9 states.

The seating capacity of the basic 12-meter bus is 35+driver, for 9-meter buses is 30+driver and 7-meter buses is 16+driver. All types of buses have a PMSM motor with an advanced li-ion battery package. The battery capacity however changes with every model dimension, and so does the range.

Features of PMI buses

PMI buses are loaded with features like air suspension, real-time diagnostics, CCTV cameras and panic buttons. There is an added feature of an automated digital fare collection where passengers can make transactions through online payment modes, making it easier and faster. PMI also operates and manages electric bus depots in order to keep the flow smooth and to provide reliable services to the citizens and tourists of Goa.

As it also promotes reduction in carbon footprint, PMI will play a key role in transforming the public transportation landscape in the country. With its present fleet of 1,100 electric buses, PMI becomes the only electric bus manufacturer in the country to cater to the growing demand for sustainable transportation solutions.

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