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Over 1 crore mopeds sold by TVS

Over 1 crore mopeds sold by TVS
Written by Parichay Malvankar

The TVS XL HD moped, which is a successor of the TVS 50 moped is the only product currently available in the segment. Now, it is being reported that TVS has crossed a sales milestone of 1 crore units in the moped segment.

TVS is the only manufacturer operating in the moped segment and selling 1 crore units is a significant number. Big markets for the moped have been Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. Even Uttar Pradesh came up as another potential market for the segment when a drought situation in Tamil Nadu saw the sales in the moped category fall down.

The TVS XL HD hasn’t received any update or a facelift on regular intervals as other products do, however, it still manages to sell, without being noticed or talked about. The reason why it needs an update is to match up the requirements with the changing emission norms.

Currently, the TVS XL HD moped is sold with a two-stoke, 70cc engine producing 3.5 PS of power. The update will most probably see a four-stroke engine, maybe upsized to 100cc.

Source – Overdrive