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Over 1.5 million drivers trained by Maruti Suzuki Driving School

Written by Nayak

Maruti Suzuki crosses yet another milestone, but this time it is not in terms of sales figure. Maruti Suzuki Driving School (MSDS), announces that it has now successfully trained over 1.5 million people. Maruti Suzuki started this training school, keeping in mind the increasing rise of accidents in the country due to negligent drivers who were not aware of all the traffic rules. MSDS aims to teach new drivers how to drive a car with safety as its core endeavour. The company claims to use all the modern training equipment which includes driving-simulators, practical and theoretical courses and more.

Maruti Suzuki Driving School

Currently, there are a total of 493 driving training institutes spread across 238 cities. With over 1,400 certified and qualified trainers, MSDS claims to provide citizens with best-in-class training in driving. The main focus of MSDS is to impart safe and responsible road behaviour which will help in lowering the number of accidents in the country. The training also includes giving knowledge about the basics of a vehicle, its maintenance and how to handle a car in an emergency situation. Along with this, MSDS also works with various NGOs, traffic police, self-help groups and RTOs which help in spreading good driving habits across more people.

Facilities and Services Offered By MSDS

The main advantage of MSDS is that it provides various on-road situations along with classroom training by experts which helps in giving more clarity on the driving training. Along with giving training to individuals, MSDS collaborates with various corporates and fleet owners and jointly conducts the programs as per their requirements. The applicants can also opt for some value-added programs like license assistance, assistance on their own car and more. With the prevailing trend of digitalization, Maruti Suzuki is also making progress on that front. The company plans to develop a  mobile application and website which will have exclusive content created by MSDS so as to serve their tech-savvy customers. With the rising cases of COVID, MSDS also plans to create a host of new training content which can be accessed by the customers from the comfort of their home. In other news, Maruti Suzuki now has over 4,000+ service points making it the largest service network by any car manufacturer in India.