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Oppo planning to launch EV in India by 2024?

Written by Nizam Shaikh

Consumer electronics manufacturer Oppo could be planning to foray into the electric mobility segment in India. The brand could be planning to launch a new electric car for the Indian market. BBK Electronics, which is the parent company of Oppo, including RealMe and OnePlus, is reported to be planning to work on a new electric car. Reports suggest that the company has filed patents for electric products. These will include EVs as well as driverless vehicles. Oppo is likely to introduce its electric products in the Indian market by 2023-2024. Technical details of the EV is currently unavailable. 

India Becoming the Electric Vehicle HotSpot

India has become an attractive market for electric vehicles as the government of India is keen on accelerating EV in the country. Many new manufacturers have flocked to the Indian market to grab a piece of cake in the EV segment. With high levels of localisation, manufacturers are also eligible to receive subsidies from the government of India. The government is also offering various incentives to the buyers, such as tax rebates and discounts. State governments are also offering incentives to EV owners. 

OnePlus Life

Recently, consumer electronics manufacturer and BKK Electronics subsidiary OnePlus also filed trademarks for the OnePlus Life moniker in the Indian market. The OnePlus Life moniker has been filed under the Nice Class 12. The classification includes Motor Vehicles, including Cars, Autonomous Cars, Electric Cars, Electric Scooters, Remote Control Vehicles, Civilian Drones, Safety Seats, Unicycles, Self Balancing Boards.

It is still known which mobility product OnePlus will be introducing in the Indian market in the future. But speculation is that OnePlus could launch an electric scooter in the Indian market. The EV scooter segment is quite popular in the market, and OnePlus could be planning to introduce a scooter at competitive prices with a high range and fast charging capability. 

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