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OnePlus planning to sell EVs in India?

Written by Nizam Shaikh

Popular Chinese consumer electronics manufacturer OnePlus Technology Co., Ltd has filed a new trademark in India. Interestingly the brand has filed the latest trademark in the Nice Classification 12. For the uninitiated, the Nice Class 12 is for Motor Vehicles, including Cars, Autonomous Cars, Electric Cars, Electric Scooters, Remote Control Vehicles, Civilian Drones, and Safety Seats, Unicycles, Self Balancing Boards etc. The trademark itself does not give any specific hints about what the famous mobile maker plans to bring to India.

OnePlus Life

According to the intellectual property office, OnePlus has filed patents for the wordmark “OnePlus Life.” However, the trademark has been objected to, and the company could make slight changes to the name in the near future. The brand is also running a teaser campaign on its social media platform. Speculation is that the brand could be planning to launch a new electric scooter for last-mile mobility. While the brand has not been clear, what it will launch under Class 12, we think it could be a personal mobility scooter.

The electric scooter is likely to have a range that will allow users to traverse around town with ease. The brand’s mobile phones are also known for their fast charging capabilities, and therefore we also speculate that the upcoming EV will have an onboard fast charger. This will not only reduce the range anxiety for the customer but also improve the overall range of the EV.

Electric Mobility in India

The Government of India has been offering subsidies and incentives for the development of electric mobility in India. If OnePlus manages to highly localise their upcoming product, it will also become eligible under the FAME II Scheme. This will not only help the company keep the price low but also hugely benefits the customers. More details on the new OnePlus Life are still awaited.


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