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Omega Seiki with Forsee Power to boost EV battery performance

Written by Nizam Shaikh

Omega Seiki Mobility has announced that the electric mobility brand has partnered with Forsee Power. Forsee Power is a smart battery systems manufacturer in the global market. The company will provide Lithium-ion batteries for the entire range of Omega Seiki Mobility commercial electric vehicles. 

Forsee Power Battery

Under the new partnership, Forsee Power will equip Omega Seiki Mobility commercial vehicles with GO 10 Lithium-Ion battery system. The battery system boasts of having a 48V architecture and 10kWh of power. The brand reveals that the battery will give the electric vehicle a range of 120 km on a single charge, fully loaded. Forsee Power will provide the latest innovative solutions and robust battery cells along with the best-in-class Battery Management Systems. The brand also employs accurate voltage readings, high-performance electronics, and efficient communication systems. 

FAME-2 Industrial Base

The brand also revealed that in May 2021, Forsee Power started production on a series of electric two and three-wheeler batteries in India. Omega Seiki, established in Pune 2020, supports electrification in India. The brand is also in line with the FAME 2-compliant industrial base. Omega Seiki Mobility has developed and is now manufacturing three-wheeler electric vehicles under the RAGE+ brand. The brand recently introduced the FROST, refrigerated variant of Rage+, designed for transporting food and vaccines.

In Other News

Omega Seiki Mobility also announced its collaboration with Valeo. Valeo, a French global automotive supplier that will supply 48V electric powertrain systems to Omega Seiki. The brand also announced that the integrated electric powertrains from Valeo would power Rage+ and Rage+ Frost commercial electric vehicles. The new powertrains from Valeo will help Omega Seiki Mobility expedite its plans in India. Valeo will provide Omega Seiki Mobility with motors, inverters, reducers and control units. The company will also give the brand technological know-how under their collaboration. Omega Seiki Mobility also plans to foray into the electric two-wheeler and electric four-wheeler markets in the near future. 

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