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Omega Seiki Mobility reveals ZORO & FIARE electric scooter

Written by Nizam Shaikh

Electric mobility brand Omega Seiki Mobility has revealed its first two electric scooters in the Indian market. The brand will commence bookings on the new electric scooters, Zoro and Fiare, by the end of August 2021. Furthermore, the brand also announced that the deliveries would commence by the end of the festive season. Omega Seiki Mobility Zoro and Fiare made their debut at the company’s flagship showroom in Pune, Maharashtra. The brand also develops and manufactures three-wheeler electric vehicles under the RAGE+ brand.

Omega Seiki Mobility – Zoro and Fiare

The Zoro and Fiare will help the brand accelerate into electric mobility and sustainable solutions. The Zoro and Fiare will offer a top speed of 45 kmph and a range of 85 km to 100km on a single charge. Both the Zoro and Fiare will come with a battery capacity of 2 kWh, which offers a recharging time of just 2 hours. The e-scooters also come with a 1.5W electric motor with a 15% regenerative capacity. Omega Seiki Mobility offers a battery warranty of 3 years or 40,000 km.

Omega Seiki Mobility – Fiare Design & Features

The Omega Seiki Mobility Fiare comes with a flat front apron with an apron mounted LED headlamp, a large front fender, and a sleek handlebar shroud. The scooter also comes with elegant LED turn indicators and body colour rearview mirrors. The brand offers a bench-style seat with generous space for the rider and pillion. Also, the e-scooter comes with a large footboard and an upright ergonomically designed seating position. 

Omega Seiki Mobility – Zoro Design & Features

The Omega Seiki Mobility Zoro comes with a single seat and a large top box. The scooter also gets twin headlamps on the front apron and a large fender and a sleek handlebar shroud. Both the e-scooters also claim to offer a GVW of 200 kg. Omega Seiki Mobility also offers a telematics unit as an optional extra. 

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