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Omega Seiki Mobility & Log9 unveil Rage+ RapidEV Pro

Written by Nayak

EV-maker Omega Seiki Mobility and Bengaluru-headquartered battery-tech start-up Log9 Materials have unveiled their jointly-developed ‘Rage+ RapidEV Pro’ today. This electric 3-wheeler comes equipped with Log9’s 7.7 KWh battery. The Rage+ RapidEV Pro InstaCharged by Log9 will be available in 2 variants based on cargo body volume. These variants are – 140 cubic ft. and 170 cubic ft.

What Is The Rage+ RapidEV Pro?

Featuring Log9’s cutting-edge InstaCharge battery technology, this electric 3-wheeler platform is for the country’s e-commerce logistics segment. The company also claims a full charge in under 45 minutes with a range of up to 95 km. This ensures a longer distance on a relatively short single charge. Given India’s diverse terrains, this EV can operate across very wide temperatures ranging from -40 degrees to 60 degrees Celsius.

Key Highlights

Further to add to customers’ peace of mind, the vehicle also comes with a warranty of 6 years or unlimited kms. Alongside this, the company also offers a battery life of over 10,000 cycles. In a bid to increase the efficiency and productive use of the vehicle fleets, OSM and Log9 have also tied up with fleet operators like LetsTransport in Bengaluru and MoEVing in Delhi. Back in November 2021, OSM and Log9 had jointly launched the Rage+ RapidEV, which gets the Log9’s 5.8 KWh battery. To date, the response to this vehicle has been quite overwhelming.

With the success of OSM Rage+ RapidEV, OSM and Log9 were more than encouraged, and hence Rage+ Rapid EV Pro came into life. With this, EV companies can now make even greater strides in the last-mile delivery vehicles segment. The newly-unveiled vehicle will seamlessly tap into the varied logistics and delivery requirements of the nation’s demanding e-commerce space.

Along with the advanced battery tech, the Rage+ Rapid EV Pro also comes with a host of major upgrades. The key areas of upgrades are the reliability and robustness aspects of the vehicle. All this will ensure lower maintenance costs over the long term for the customers. As a part of this collaboration, Omega Seiki Mobility and Log9 aim to deploy over 5,000 units of Rage+ RapidEV Pro vehicles by FY 2022-23. These deployments will start from Bengaluru and New Delhi, and thereafter other cities will follow soon.

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