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Omega Seiki Mobility electrifies Mobile Kitchen Business, priced at INR 7 lakh

Omega Seiki Mobility (OSM) has launched an electric three wheeler based mobile kitchen. The Meals on Wheels (MOW) was launched at the 4th dealership opening of the OSM brand in Bangalore. The price of this OSM MOV is INR 7,00,000 and the booking amount is set at INR 19,999. Deliveries will commence from January 2023.

Solution for Mobile Restaurant Business

The restaurant business

has been affected a lot by the Covid-19 Pandemic. To that effect, having a mobile kitchen will be more sustainable than a dine-in restaurant. Further, a mobile kitchen will also offer the operator the flexibility and freedom to move across different locations accessing a larger customer base.

Omega Seiki Mobility’s electric kitchen will offer a ready to use solution for the mobile kitchen business. It will also offer the owners a sustainable and economical alternative. The company will provide completely equipped kitchens based on three-wheeler EV which will offer ready-to-use solutions to owners.

Mobile Kitchen Incubator and Employment Program

Apart from this product, the company has also launched a Mobile Kitchen Training program for aspiring entrepreneurs of Tier II and tier III regions across India. This will enable them to test their menu and improve their skills. The three-wheeler based EV mobile kitchen will also reduce the cost of initial investment compared to conventional mobile kitchens.

The dealership in Bangalore will offer both sales and service to customers. OSM will offer attractive lease and financing options to prospective customers to enable them to start their business at an attractive price point.

About Omega Seiki Mobility

Omega Seiki Mobility has 2, 3 and 4 wheelers in its portfolio. The company has a large scale manufacturing setup in Delhi NCR and Pune. It is now looking for expansion in Chennai. It is also a leading last mile service provider under brand “UNOXpress”.

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