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Ola Scooter can be charged 50% in 18 minutes for 75 km range

Written by Nizam Shaikh

Ola Electric an electric mobility solutions company has announced that it will be launching a new electric scooter soon. The company has now announced that it will be building a vast network of Hyperchargers for its electric two-wheeler customers. The Ola Hypercharger Network, for the upcoming scooter, will make its debut in the coming months. The Ola Electric two-wheeler will come with both the high-speed Ola Hyperchargers and the home-charger offering a comprehensive charging network.

OLA Hypercharger

The brand claims that the new fast-charging network will be the widest and densest electric two-wheeler charging network in the world. The Ola Hypercharger network will be made up of 100,000 charging points across 400 cities. The brand also revealed that it will install over 5,000 charging points across 100 cities in India, which is more than double the existing electric charging network. The brand also boasts that the Ola Hypercharger will be capable of charging the scooter to 50% in just 18 minutes. This will be enough for a 75 km range, reveals the brand.

Where Will OLA Deploy the Hypercharger?

The Ola Hypercharger will be deployed in city centres and popular locations around the city. In dense business districts, Ola will also build stand-alone towers. The brand will also deploy the Hyperchargers in malls, cafes, office complexes, IT parks etc. This will enable Ola to have a strong charging network. Ola will also be providing a Home Charger with the electric scooter. The home charger will not require any installation and customers can use the charger for overnight charging by plugging it into a regular wall socket. The vast Hypercharger network along with the home charger bundle will reduce the range and charging anxiety of the customer.

How Does the Ola Hypercharger Work?

The customer will be able to find the nearest Hypercharger through a dedicated mobile phone application. After arriving at the Hypercharger, the customer simply plugs in their electric scooter into the charging point. Customers can also monitor the charging process on the Ola Electric App and the customer can also pay the amount for charging the vehicle through their mobile phone.

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