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Ola rolls out MoveOS 3.0 with new features

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Written by Kanad Kalasur

After much delay, Ola Electric has finally rolled out the much anticipated software upgrade for its electric scooters. The MoveOS 3.0 rollout began from yesterday and all S1 and S1 Pro Electric scooters will be getting the upgrade soon.

What’s new in the MoveOS 3.0?

Over-the-Air (OTA) updates are a good tool that allow manufacturers to roll out software updates based on customer feedback or new features. Add to the fact that the Ola scooter comes with connect technology along with a SIM card, rolling out the upgrade is very easy.

This new version of the operating system (OS) will add some new features to the scooters. The upgrade will definitely delight the existing customers. The new MoveOS 3.0 will add regenerative braking, Hill Hold assist and proximity alert.

Apart from these features, the scooter will now be able to fast change. This would mean that the Ola S1 will be able to add a range of 50 Km in just 15 minutes. Ola was seriously missing this one feature that rival Ather already had from the get go. This will also reduce wait times at public charging points across Ola’s Hyperchager network.

One more feature that is bound to impress Ola owners is the Vacation Mode. In this, the riders can now leave their scooters for up to 200 days without getting concerned about battery discharge. Ola is also adding multiple profiles to all scooters. This would allow different members in the same household to have their own profile on the common scooter of the home.

A little gimmicky but fun feature is the Party Mode. In this mode, the scooters’s lights will sync with the music being played. This could be a cool party trick.

Ola’s Expectations from the new software update

The MoveOS 3.0 is said to be one of the most important software upgrades since the inception of the scooter. The company claims that this will make the S1 and the S1 Pro more attractive to potential buyers which will eventually result in more sales volume for the electric two wheelers.

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