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Ola electric scooters get new features with Move OS 4 update

Written by Nizam Shaikh

Ola Electric has introduced the new Move OS 4 for it Ola Electric scooters. In the initial stage, the Ola S1 Generation 1, Ola S1 Pro Generation 2 and Ola S1 Air will be receiving the updates. The Ola S1 X+ will also be receiving the Move OS 4 during the final roll out.

In addition to this, new scooters delivered after Move OS 4 final rollout will have it as the default software. Until then scooter delivered before the final roll out will be delivered with the Move OS 3 and upgraded to OS 4 during the final roll out. Ola is sending in the Beta version only to select customers to get initial customer feedback for various features that will be released with the OS.

Ola Electric Move OS 4 – Features

Move OS 4 now offers new AI-based features including fall detection, tamper detection and auto turn-off indicators. The new OS also offers features such as real-time alerts through the Ola Electric App. In addition to this, the new Move OS 4 also comes with features such as cruise control in eco mode and improvements to the hill decent control.

The new Move OS 4 comes with updates to the Ola Map navigation bringing enhanced routing accuracy. Ola Maps also get a refresh on its user interface and features such as favourite locations. Users can also locate their scooters through the Ola Electric App. The Move OS 4 also brings features such as geofencing and time fencing. Users can even limit riding modes in particular regions.

Ola App Updates

The Ola App also comes with new features such as resettable trip meters and ‘Moods’ feature. The app also gets a Ride Journal which gives the user an option to share statistics with other Ola users. In addition to this, the Ola App now also comes with a Dark Mode and new widgets.

Customers will receive the Move OS 4 for their scooters via Over-the-Air (OTA) updates.

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