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Ola Cabs plans ‘By Women, For Women’ taxis

Ola Cabs plans 'By Women, For Women' taxis
Written by Parichay Malvankar

After Delhi, multiple other states issued a ban on the operations of web-based taxi service providers such as Uber, Ola Cabs etc. But a business cannot be shut down overnight, can it? Ola Cabs is now planning to work around the situation by launching a ‘By Women, For Women’ taxi service soon. In a bid to provide a safer commuting environment, Ola Cabs wants to get back in the good books of customers, although it wasn’t the brand which was the root cause of the chain of incidents.

Previous women-only cab services like G Cabs, Priyadarshini Taxis and Viira Cabs have struggled to remain operational due to lack of funding.

Ola has around 50-100 women drivers up for this job and plan to add up more to this number.

Apart from this, Ola is also verifying details of their current drivers using their Aadhaar cards.

But the governments claim to shut these web-based taxi services was that they weren’t licensed to provide taxi services. Will this ‘By Women, For Women’ service by Ola Cabs get them back into the business without the necessary licensing? Or will the government insist on going forward by the rule book? Time will tell.

Going forward, the company also assures that all cabs will be fitted with GPS tracking devices to ensure commuter safety.

Source – TOI