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Okinawa launches doorstep delivery service of electric scooters

Nizam Shaikh
Written by Nizam Shaikh

Gurugram-headquartered electric mobility company Okinawa has rolled out a new customer-centric home delivery service of Okinawa e-Scooters for customers in Bengaluru city. The new e-Scooter delivery service adds to the comfort and convenience of the customer along with more safety in the challenging times of the pandemic. Okinawa has partnered with its channel associates to enable the doorstep delivery of the electric scooter and the service is free of cost. 

The brand has been working towards introducing easy and safe procedures to its stakeholders and recently launched an online sales channel through its official website to reduce physical contact and enable customers to explore and book Okinawa e-Scooters from the safety of home. The doorstep delivery system is an extension of the contactless sales channel and the entire course involves minimum contact.

Okinawa will begin the service from 15th August 2020 in Bangalore city and the service will be replicated in other cities pan India on the basis of results experienced in Bengaluru. In view of the COVID-19 pandemic, the brand is also ensuring proper sanitization of products at the assembly unit and after delivery at the dealerships, while simultaneously digitizing the procedures to the best extent. 

Recently the brand also announced its plans to expand the dealership network in the country. The brand currently has a dealer network of 350+ dealers and Okinawa’s target is to reach up to 500 dealers and apart from its primary dealer network the brand also plans to expand the sub-dealer network for a wider track. 

In the recent past, the brand also hiked the dealer margins from 8% to 11% per sale to relieve its dealers to survive the cost crunch created amidst COVID-19 outbreak. The increased dealer margin will help Okinawa dealers to make more profit in the difficult time of economic slowdown. The brand is also accelerating its marketing activities to strengthen the dealership network.