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Okinawa highlights why EVs are better than petrol two-wheelers

Written by Nayak

Okinawa has started a new campaign to reflect upon the advantage of electric vehicles over their ICE-engine powered counterparts. The tagline of the campaign “Ye E Sahi Hai”, is quite short and catchy, and makes a great marketing idea. Okinawa has been one of the top emerging EV makers in India, which is witnessing steady growth in this segment. To attract a wider audience, Okinawa has released this campaign in multiple regional languages like Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada. This campaign will also aim to dispel the common myths associated with EVs and help the customers make a more sound decision.

Key Highlights Of This Campaign

Under this campaign, Okinawa has created a five-part series released to both online and electronic platforms. These videos illustrate how electric two-wheelers are much more superior to petrol two-wheelers in terms of speed, performance, strength and life span. In terms of running cost as well, an electric vehicle outperforms its ICE-engine powered counterpart by a wide margin. Okinawa range of scooters offers a running cost of just INR 14 paise per km, whereas an equivalent ICE vehicle costs close to INR 1.60 rupees per km. In addition to this electric vehicles are nature friendly, with zero tailpipe emissions. This is crucial for the metro cities where ICE engines are one of the most top contributors to air pollution.

More Information

Currently, Okinawa has a total of six products under this brand name. Three of which fall under the high-speed category, namely Okinawa iPraise+, Okinawa Praise Pro and Okinawa Ridge+. And the other three are under the low-speed category: Okinawa R30, Okinawa Lite, and Okinawa Dual. The EV maker has confirmed that they plan to add two more products to their portfolio, thus aiming to cater to a wider audience and provide them with multiple options to choose from. The current demand for electric vehicles will grow much stronger in the coming years. This will further increase the competition amongst the EV makers, which will help the customers to get the best products at a much better price.

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