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Okinawa expects 3-fold sales growth in Gujarat next year

Written by Nayak

Okinawa, one of the emerging electric vehicle manufacturers in the country, has some big plans for the future. The company mentioned that its primary target area for the next year is Gujarat, wherein it is expecting to increase the customer base by 3-fold. Okinawa is also a member of the Gujarat Energy Development Agency, whose aim is to improve and fastrack EV adoption in the state. Currently, Okinawa has a wide network of dealerships and plans to expand it by 50 per cent by the end of the current fiscal year in the state.

Okinawa’s Road Map For Coming Years

The demand for electric vehicles in the country is relatively high, as evident from the growth figures. And this will improve further, as more and more companies start investing and launching their products. The company currently has a customer base of over 5,000 in Gujarat. And the target is to triple the figure by 2022. This will help the state government’s goal of having more than 2 lakh electric vehicles in the next four years. Given the current demand for electric vehicles, this is not an impossible target per se. Gujarat’s new updated EV policy will significantly benefit Okinawa, as more customers will now be attracted to the idea of owning an electric vehicle.

Current Lineup Of Products

Okinawa has a wide range of products to attract customers from diverse backgrounds and requirements. The current lineup of products includes the Ridge+, Praise Pro, and iPraise+. These scooters are enabled with various smart features, which attract a lot of tech-savvy customers. Features like anti-theft sensor, side-stand sensor, and keyless entry prove the same. Okinawa has also equipped ‘Find My Scooter”, a location tracker, thus enhancing the user’s safety. After the price cut, Okinawa Praise Pro retails at an ex-showroom price of INR 57,848, Okinawa Ridge+ at INR 44,391, and 79,708 for iPraise+. Along with this, Okinawa has also made tie-ups with several banks to facilitate the customers’ worry-free financing option.

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