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Now Aadhaar Card necessary for Driving License

Tejen Dhankhar
Written by Tejen Dhankhar

Soon to be implemented, government is going to make aadhaar card a necessary document while applying for a new driver’s license or renewing an old one in our country.

A long term assessment has led the government realize that a single individual can easily possess multiple driving licenses in the country by applying at different RTO’s in different states, hence increasing possibilities of fraud.

This not only makes the system questionable, but also helps traffic violators and criminals to easily escape strict punishments under law. Individuals who own multiple licenses by misuse of this system can easily use other license if in case one of them gets confiscated anywhere in country.

To be called ‘Sarathi’, this new system will connect all the RTO’s to a central database system that will hold information of every single individual in country that owns driving license through the use of aadhaar card number issued to him/her. When applying for a new license or getting an old one renewed, each individual state RTO would be able to cross-check that whether that individual holds any other license elsewhere or not by just a click of a button.

Also for those who don’t have a aadhaar car, agencies have made it clear that they will have to submit a host of other required documents so that they can also be listed in the new system, hence eliminating possibility of any kind of fraud from anyone.

This rule could become mandatory from October 2017. This step will also help government to control the increasing crime rate and traffic violation countrywide.